Antique silver Niello Dial


Vintage Waltham USA movement from 1926

Steel with Convex sapphire crystal front, diamond coated glass display back. Water Resistant to 50 meters (150 feet). Rpaige Logo crown. Numbered #12/50 on the side of the case.

44mm diameter, 14mm thick, 52 mm end to end. Water resistant to 50 meters.

15 jewel vintage Waltham USA pocket watch movement. Manufactured in 1926. Bimetallic balance wheel. Rose gold jewel cups. Fancy finish.

Sterling Silver “Niello” dial, floral pattern, with outer dial ring of bronze/black color, with roman numerals. Rpaige “Chrysler Building” style hands with luminous.

Niello is a black mixture, usually of sulphur, copper, silver, and lead, used as an inlay on engraved or etched metal, especially silver. It is added as a powder or paste, then fired until it melts or at least softens, and flows or is pushed into the engraved lines in the metal. It hardens and blackens when cool, and the niello on the flat surface is polished off to show the filled lines in black, contrasting with the polished metal around it. The contrast of the black niello against the bright silver surface produces an attractive decorative effect.
Niello was used on a variety of objects over the ages, including sword hilts, chalices, plates, horns, adornment for horses, jewellery such as bracelets, rings, pendants, and small fittings such as strap-ends, buttons, belt buckles and especially on antique Pocket watch cases.

Steel Case – 82.7 grams

Shown with a blue genuine Crocodile strap, handmade.

This watch is a one-off, it is number #12/50 in the series. Each watch in this series will be unique.

All Rpaige watches come with a one year warranty.

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