From Alan B., Richardson, Texas—Steel Wrocket with a gold dial.

Richard. I just un-boxed my beautiful RP349 and I couldn’t be happier! Like you said, “The dial is a work of art.” The gold dial is beautiful, the movement is decorated to a fascinating degree, and the included straps are top-notch. It truly is better than any picture. I can’t wait to wear it and to show it to my friends.

Your packaging was superb and the delivery was lightning-fast. I’ve heard the adage, “Buy the seller first.” I DID! You were very patient with, and quick to answer, all of my questions–this was my first internet purchase, after all. Your after-sales communication is unheard of in today’s luxury watch buying scene. Thank you for your dedication to your art, your craftsmanship, and your appreciation for quality.




From Erik W., Massachusetts—Steel Wrocket with antique silver and gold dial

Hi Richard,
The watch came two weeks ago and I’ve now had a chance to wear it with both bands. There isn’t anything like it out there.
After spending a year looking for something that felt unique I had given up. I stumbled upon a case of RPaige watches and was mesmerized by this particular one. 1923 Elgin movement, 1855 european dial, applied sterling and gold. It’s truly an incredible piece and the story is even better.
I hope there’s at least one left by the time I’m ready for the next one 🙂

From Todd W., San Jose, California—Steel SpeakEasy Prototype case with Skeleton vintage Hamilton

Hi Richard,
The watch is just incredible! I love the Art Deco style and the uniqueness of the timepiece. I also have an Omega and have passed on a Rolex and Breitling. Rolex is so common, and is so often counterfeit. Your timepieces are unique, stylish, and superior in quality.
Thank you for all you do!

From Joe P., Massachusetts –Classic Wrocket with Black dial round hands Movement

You asked that I give you my first impressions upon seeing my new watch and I apologize for not writing sooner. My honest first impression was, “Wow! Thank you Richard for creating such a great watch.”

I seldom buy anything sight unseen, but I have been looking at the Wrocket since it was created and read every review I could find. Doing that, I felt confident to launch an order to you. Since I have not actually seen one of your watches, I was excited to see mine and I have to say that it exceeds expectations.

The overall look of my Wrocket is impeccable. As you know, I collect earlier Model 1857 Walthams and also military watches so i have an eye for a certain “look.” You have achieved a great classic feel and placed a piece of history in the form of a vintage pocket watch movement into a modern context. BRAVO!

The workmanship, fit and finish on this Wrocket is flawless. I love the minimal, stainless bezel and large face that hankers back to pocket watches. Add to that the black, almost military dial and this watch makes me think of the first wristwatches of WWI. That presented a nice and unexpected crossover to my passion for military watches.
There have been many articles that criticize the round hands of the Wrocket. I disagree with those negative comments and say that this design is unique and fresh. Although I was concerned with the addition of lume potentially detracting from the round hand effect, I am happy to have added lume. This watch reads well and has a look all its own.

Being blessed with a big hand, I can easily wear a watch like this. Although big and carrying a huge dial, the watch is not at all overbearing. The band is delicious and supple and the watch wears very comfortably. Thank you also for the great case and the two additional bands. I will enjoy the flexibility they offer.

I wish this were rugged enough to wear daily, but occasionally is just fine. I wore the watch in to work today I got several compliments and questions. Thank you also for sending me serial number 100. Not that it really makes any difference but it’s just cool to have that Milestone on my wrist. The watch is absolutely beautiful, wears comfortably and the1 7 Jewel movement you chose perfectly beautiful. I’d like to think at the folks at Waltham Watch would be very proud of these.

You are an artist and a gentleman and I hope to do business with you again in the future. I’ve been looking at your watches since they first came to my attention and this was certainly worth the wait.

Best Regards, Joe


From Stuart K., United Kingdom —Titanium Wrocket with prototype dial and Illinois Movement

Richard,What can I say?
The timepiece is simply fantastic. Better than the pictures. Allow me to take you through my experience:

The watch arrives in external packaging that would have seen eggs delivered safely. I unwrap the extensive packaging to find a personalised, quality travel box with real practical value. I unzip the box to find not one, but two additional straps, (not to mention a cheeky space for a future watch) both of which really set the watch off in their own individual way. The documentation is simple but perfectly adequate, the fact that the guarantee is filled in by hand and signed adds a nice personal touch.
The timepiece itself is everything I hoped it would be. Size-wise it is perfect for my 7 inch wrist. The brushed titanium finish is understated but contrasts perfectly with the cabochon crown which adds an additional touch of class. The dial is exceptional. Indoors, it blends in with the whole theme of the watch, the roman numerals mirror the case finish and provide a good deal of legibility, but it is in the daylight where it really comes alive. The raised pattern surrounding the centre pinion catches the light and almost seems to spin as it reflects. The stark red contrast of the hand tips jump out, as does the gold lettering. It almost looks like two different watches indoors/outdoors.
The python strap does an even better job of setting off the watch than the other two. I wasn’t sure about this before, but in the flesh (no pun intended) it just works. Not just aesthetically, but the individuality of the material somehow adds to the story of the uniqueness of the watch as a whole package.
Finished? Not quite. The movement is just stunning. Displayed perfectly though the case back, I almost want to wear the watch back to front (almost, but not quite). It bursts into life with a few turns of the crown and runs like a sewing machine (excuse the cliché).
I think it is tough to really describe what you are selling. It’s more than a watch, it is individuality, conversation, history and quality all wrapped up in exceptional customer service.
I have just re-read what I have written and I feel really embarrassed now for gushing terribly, but I am going to send this anyway.
Is there a downside? Well nobody likes getting hit with a $300 tax bill from customs – but hey, it’s worth it.
Many thanks for the experience, I’ll be enjoying the watch for many years to come., Stuart


From Michael E., Blue Bell, PA—Steel Wrocket watch with Engraved Illinois Dial
Dear Richard,I received the RP120 late yesterday afternoon-thanks! I am extremely pleased! Wow!! The watch is absolutely beautiful, stunning, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I am very happy that I chose to change the hands. What a thrill it is to own a piece of American history and be able to wear it on my wrist. I especially loved the Barramundi strap. I also loved the travel box and the extra straps, a very nice touch!
With best regards, Michael
PS- this watch is now my favorite in my collection!


From Mike C., Traverse City, MI—Steel Wrocket watch with enamel dial and custom green hands
Richard, I was just going to send you a note. I actually just opened it up as I was home sick. My wife swung by my office and picked it up.
It is gorgeous! Love the dial and had colors! The strap matches perfectly too! Wow. Even better in person than the picks. I just wound it so, I will keep an eye on her. I will rotate her in my collection.
Thank you very much!! Mike
From Mark T., Maui, Hawaii—Steel Wrocket watch with enamel dial
Hi Richard —
Just wanted to let you know I received the watch yesterday and I’m very pleased with it.
I think the hands look really great! The blue enamel looks really sharp and adds just the perfect hint of color without slapping you in the face! It’s interesting that the blued steel, depending on the light, looks almost exactly the same color as the enamel. Then, in different light, the hands look more black and you get the enamel “highlight”. Either way, I think it’s very very nice. And I love that the hands are about 6 miles long, too! Not sure why the trend today seems to so often involve hands so short that you have to guess at the time.
I think the case design with the art deco lugs is just perfect for this dial, and (as I said before) I really like the blue crystal on the crown…especially with the blue on the hands.
My biggest surprise was the movement. It’s so much more beautiful than I expected! I can’t get over how much detail they put into it, and how beautifully you’ve restored it. Very very nice!
Well, I think that’s about it for now. Thanks again for the iterations on the handset –I’m very pleased with the result. I’m looking forward to wearing this watch out in the world and talking about it with anyone who will listen! There’s definitely something special about wearing a watch that’s vintage and modern and common and totally unique all at the same time! Regards,Mark
From Jim, S., Chicago, Ill—Steel Wrocket watch with enamel dial
Hi Richard-I really like the watch, it’s very cool. Also the watch band looks great and it works well for the summer look.Thank you for the case and extra bands. The case is great for travel . Also the wind up tool is very good and makes the wind up so simple. All good.
Thanks again and I look forward to the next one off edition.
Best regards. Jim
From James T, Cameron, West Virginia—Steel Wrocket with gold finished dial
Richard, I love this watch so much, the only reason I want to take it off is to look at the beautiful movement.I really apreciate you and Robert getting back to me almost immediatly when there were concerns. Bob has the patience of a saint!!! Its rare to do business with people who really care if the customer is happy. But yall truly do. I will treasure this beautiful work of art for the rest of my life.Let me know if you ever decide to make a case to fit a 16s movement. Best regards James

From K, in Malaysia—Titanium Wrocket with gold finished dial
Dear Richard,
I have received the package, the wrocket watch looks great. The champagne gold dial is indeed a pleasing find in great shape.. and looks better than in pictures – also, I must compliment you on your titanium case – the finish and fit is of great quality. It’s nice to be able to collect a real piece of American watchmaking. Really interesting to study this 100+ year old movement – great to imagine days of yore without modern industrial processes and computers, where tools and skills translated to such a fine and delicate piece. Interesting to note the size of the balance wheel compared to modern movements! The ratchet feel also has a nice, strong feedback – about 30 winds to full, a lot less than what it takes to wind-up newer pieces.
Thank you for the extra strap and for accommodating all the changes and requests I had made.
Best wishes once again on your venture, above all, nice to have made your acquaintance as a fellow watch enthusiast.
Warmest Regards from Malaysia,

From Josh K, LA, CA.–Steel Wrocket with White dial and special green Art Deco Hands
Hi Richard: I just received my Wrocket. I love it! Its design is gorgeous and ingenious. And by the way? The case it came in is also fantastic! Many thanks also for the extra bands Richard! That was most generous of you.


From John W., Australia.–Steel Wrocket with White dial and Art deco round numbers.

Hi Richard, The (first) watch arrived. Even better “in person” than in the photos. Love it. The case was an unexpected bonus (if that is not shown on your website you should mention it and show a few images), also the two extra straps (as I was only expecting one extra). I have only been wearing it for about 3 hours and have already been asked about it 3 times! Cool.
From John B., Richmond, TX.–Steel Wrocket with Sterling Silver Guilloche dial and white gold numbers.
Richard, it’s here, it’s on my wrist and I’m pretty much at a loss for words other than, are you sure I don’t owe you any more money for this beautiful watch? Pictures do it no justice at all. WOW!!!!!
From Jeff K.,Baton Rouge, LA.–Titanium Wrocket Watch with original custom dial and rotating seconds wheel.
It’s on my wrist now, and I can’t stop looking at it. It’s simply beautiful. My favorite parts are the contrast between the bright primary colors and the more muted dial/case colors, the creative spinning seconds wheel, and the case and lugs. If I were to go into appropriate detail, this would be a very long email.
My wife said that this is, by far, her favorite watch. Her favorite parts are the numbers, the primary colors, and the lugs. I think she’s got a good eye.
I got my hair cut this morning. After I showed her the watch, my stylists asked me to put her in my will so she’ll end up with it when I’m gone.
Thank you for having the creativity and technical knowledge and abilities to put this watch together. Also, thank you for the extra strap. You’ve made me, and my wrist, very happy.
From Milton M.,Willowbrook,IL. Steel Wrocket Watch with original Art Deco Silvered dial

Richard, this watch far exceeded my expectations.
The pictures do not capture the beauty of the dial as the light reflects off it. Truly amazing! Everything from the great care you took shipping it to the presentation of the case was perfect. I sat and stared at the movement on the back thinking how awesome it is to have a piece of American history and tradition. You are a very rare beed my friend. It appears I have a new addiction….and its called The Wrocket Watch!!
From Mark M, Chicago, Il. Steel “Big Hand” Wrocket Watch with Black dial

The watch did indeed make it here just fine. This would be the first watch I have bought sight unseen at this price point but it could not have been easier. Thank you for your patience and literally instant response to all my questions. It looks great! It has not left my arm in two days. I am very impressed with the detail of the entire watch, your face design, and the simplicity of the unique case shape/crystal design. Thank you again for putting in the Elgin movement as I requested (I was a long time Chicago resident), and also the touch we discussed to add the red color to the second hand for me to make it just that much more unique. It joins a long line of rare things I appreciate and own. I am extra pleased we were able to pick out a number out of the 199 that matches another rare item I own of one of my special edition cars. As a person that prefers larger watches this is just right and makes a perfect compliment to my collection. I look forward to sharing the story of this watch with others. As an architect I am occasionally involved with bringing the beauty and life back to older buildings which is identical to your process in that it saves a level of manufacturing and building craftsmanship that is probably otherwise lost in today’s world.
Thank you,Mark
From Frank K, El Cajon, Ca. Steel Wrocket Watch with rare Hampden guilloche and embossed dial

The  watch arrived in a very secure FedEx box. Really nice thick and soft leather strap; (nothing worse than breaking in a stiff leather strap) not the case here. I have been into Swiss and German mechanical watches since 1984, and these Rpaige’s are a great find. If you think back to 1904 in America and what was going on with technology advancements, it’s amazing that something like this movement could be created with the tools at hand. And to think that it has been restored and housed in a new modern case and keeping time in 2013 is really cool. Not too many things like this that are over 100 years old, still serve a purpose everyday, give pleasure/conversation piece and still go up in value as the years go by. Also, in the current high end Swiss watch market, most brands are using ETA and Valjoux base movements, and then just putting their name on the watch and asking between $5000 and $8000 for them? The price point on the Rpaige’s are a deal in the current market, and if you take care of them (service them every 4-5 years) you will have to put it in your will for the next generation to enjoy.


From Sean S,Virginia Beach, VA. Steel Wrocket Watch with SunBurst Dial, and Steel Wrocket Watch with porcelain enamel dial and gold hands. 
Buying items, especially watches, online can be a risky proposition. Being in Hawaii makes it hard for most people to get an opportunity to see your creations in person before purchasing. So I wont lie when I say I was a bit nervous at what I was doing, especially with getting two watches from you. Your images on your website really made them appear to be of high quality and craftsmanship. I had the highest hopes and expectations,  so the shipping time to me on the east coast of the US was painful!
When the package arrived I couldn’t open it fast enough….my first impression of the box was good. I really like the case they come, and the assorted bands.
The watches. I can only say that I built up very high expectations for them, to my fault, but you have delivered in every way. They are absolutely beautiful! I cannot decide which one to wear now, those are now my problems, but good problems. The dials and movements have been restored to near perfect condition. They are actual works of art that just happen to tell time.
I have had several comments on them in just the few days that I have had them. Telling the story behind the watch always fascinates people. I love that you are bringing back a golden age of our country and I am proud to wear these watches.
Thank you!
Sean S., Virginia Beach, VA

From Ron C., Alberta, Canada. Steel Wrocket Watch with Black dial and “Big Hands”. 
The watch was delivered yesterday. It’s beyond even what I was expecting. The movement is beautiful and intriguing. The face, hands markers and sapphire are great. Love the lugs too. The additional light blue band was a nice surprise as well as getting number 199/199.
Really enjoying it already.

From Mark B., of Ottawa, Ontario. Steel Wrocket Watch with Elgin New/old stock enamel 24  Military Dial.

OK, initial thoughts? I love it. It’s quite amazing to know I’ve got a 100 year old watch movement sitting inside a modern, art deco style case. Over the two days I’ve worn the watch, I can report that it’s pretty darn accurate and required no adjustment between early in the morning and late at night.
I really like the neat touch of putting the serial/limited number on the side of the case. Breaks up the monotony of another boring polished steel side. The cabochon is a nice touch and the colour and size of the crystal (I believe it’s natural or man-made sapphire?) was the perfect selection for the style of the watch.
The enamel dial is a work of art and under the loupe you can tell that a craftsman painstakingly drew the symbols on the dial by hand.
The leather straps are like wrapping my wrists in butter and the additional colours are a really nice option to have. Even the watch travel case was a pretty neat and unexpected addition. It shows that someone put a lot of thought into making sure the owner of the watch knew that you guys cared about the whole experience.
Another feature I really like is that the movement takes up the entire case. I’m getting pretty tired of the standard ETA movements which are way too small for modern sized cases.
Thanks for creating such an enjoyable piece. I showed it to an antique coin collector friend and he was blown away by it.
Gotta run, my Wrocket watch is telling me I’m going to be late!
Best regards, Mark


From Ralph M. of Garwood, NJ.  Special Wocket watch with logo of Packard Car co. on the dial.


I just got the watch. It looks great!!! Thanks for the extra straps. Do you have any other automotive dials in your collection? I first saw your watch  on Facebook…..I loved the pictures you posted so I went on your website. I was thinking of having you make one of my automotive pocket watches into a wrist watch. When I saw the Packard one you had on the site I couldn’t believe it (huge collector of Packards).
Thanks again, Ralph

From John W. of New South Wales, Australia. Rpaige Limited Edition Wrocket Watch in Steel.

Hello Richard,
I received my Wrocket today and it is lovely. It looks fantastic on my wrist and it suits my personal taste perfectly.
I also love the look and sound of the movement. Thanks so much for creating this beautiful range of watches.
All the best, John

From Mitchell K., of Mill Valley, CA. Rpaige Limited Edition Wrocket Watch in Steel with special rose gold finished mechanism
Hi, Richard – the watch arrived today.  It’s fantastic!  Aside from the wonderful deco design, I just LOVE winding it, because it feels and sounds like a pocket watch!  Watches just aren’t like that anymore – a very cool part of your concept!
From Douglas F., of New Hyde Park, NY. 2 Limited Edition Wrocket Watch in Steel with original enamel dials
Hi Richard.
Received the two limited edition watches yesterday. One a Waltham with tuxedo dial and Riverside movement from 1895, the other an Elgin with fancy enamel and gold leaf dial with hunters case movement (1915).
Was blown away when I opened the box and saw them. You have done a magnificent job restoring and casing these real tributes to the art and history of American watchmaking. A new generation of watch enthusiasts and collectors now has a unique opportunity that should not be missed.
Thank you again for your wonderful work.

From Jason G.,of North Caldwell, NJ. Limited Edition Wrocket Watch in Steel with original enamel dial
I just received the watch, and I am very pleased. The case, dial, movement, are all spectacular. It’s a beautifully clean dial and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
From John G., of Marana, AZ. Wrocket Watch in Steel with special silver dial with gold numbers, with 19 Jewel Riverside Waltham movement

HI Richard

Received the watch today and it is GORGEOUS. Really breathtaking. Even looks better than it did on line.
I think that the dials and hands that you produce are very creative, and I may be a purchaser of those. But for now I am happy to luxuriate in the glow of this special watch.

From Bruce R.,of Honolulu, Hawaii. Wrocket Watch conversion from Grandfather’s pocket watch

Aloha Richard,

When I first saw the article about Wrocket watches in WatchTime magazine my grandfather’s Waltham pocket watch immediately sprung to mind. Reading further I saw that you’re in Honolulu – and so am I! It was wonderful to meet, look at your watches and discuss the options, and I was positively delighted when you invited me over to see my cased watch the very next day. The fact that it turns out that we are neighbors was an unexpected bonus! Looking through your collection of vintage dials I knew that my wife was going to want one too and sure enough, she loves the one I suggested to her.
After picking up the two overhauled watches just ten days later, words can’t express how pleased I am that, after having sat in a safe for over 40 years, you have given my grandfather’s pocket watch a new lease on life on my wrist. It is incredibly amazing to me that I am wearing and telling time with the same watch that my grandfather used so many years ago. Not only does it look and run like new but I particularly enjoy the display back that shows off the Waltham’s beautiful engraving. Even my grandfather didn’t get to enjoy that!
Richard, I think it’s wonderful that you’re resurrecting these vintage American made masterpieces of horology and I believe that, not only should every true collector want one, but anybody who sees one of these masterpieces will want one.


From Brian F.,of Dubai. Wrocket Watch in Steel with special antique fancy enameled dial


I am holding the watch in my hands.

I think it is stunning, beautiful, amazing in both the components (dial and movement) as well as the craftsmanship and artistry in the case, band, design. I love the blue jewel on the stem. Thank you so much for this piece of art that I will be wearing on my wrist. All the people I have shown this have remarked on its beauty and uniqueness.

I love that this is one of a kind, that I am the only person in the world wearing this watch.

Thanks again for an amazing piece.

From Kjell S., of Norway. Wrocket Watch in Steel with special customized orange colored hands

Hi Richard,
I am at work now and have received the watch and I am stunning pleased. A VERY nice watch and work done to my satisfaction. Well done Richard, and the guys seeing it so far is saying the same 🙂

Again thanks for a great watch and work to it.

From Brendan K., of Federal way, Wa. Conversion from his grandfather’s Pocket watch to a Wrocket Watch in Titanium

I love my RPaige Wrocket. I had my great grandfathers pocket watch converted into a Wrocket and couldn’t be happier. The process was fast and simple and Richard’s watch maker even gave the old pocket watch a new dial and restored it’s movement, essentially giving me two watches. Even better, it has kept more accurate time over the course of a week than my Seiko or Tag Heuer. The first day I wore it to work, my boss had me pass it around because he liked it so much. I couldn’t recommend getting a Wrocket enough. Thank you Richard.

From Laurens F., of Sumter, SC. Wrocket watch with Original Elgin Hunter’s case Movement and Original Enamel dial

You did very well. It arrived in great condition and even though I usually thoroughly investigate watches before purchase, I took a “leap” this time! I was impressed when I saw and read about the watch and it is better than I expected. I not only like it very much but my wife and two of my daughters really like it also. My middle daughter put it on Saturday night and would not take it off for a few hours. She is a rather small young lady so 44mm looks large but she loves watches.
I do have a soft spot in my heart for vintage pocket watch movements and I also have a soft spot for engraving or guilloche’ so you tripped both buttons. Oh, and I love enamel. My undergraduate degree is in Ceramic Engineering and I remember one summer I worked with a a PhD candidate and we worked with enamels all summer! So I know how difficult they are to get right!


From Scott O. of Appleton, WI. Wrocket watch with special rose gold finished movement.

Received the watch on Monday as promised and am very happy with it. Great build quality and really comfortable. I’ve been impressed on the accuracy over the last few days. I feel a bit obnoxious as I’ve been walking around looking at my wrist in the mirror a lot….really like the design. My new everyday watch.

thanks, and I’ll be looking at your site as other variations come out, Scott.
From Max C.  of Oak Park, Ca.  Wrocket watch with original Elgin Hunters case Movement and  original enamel dial

Hi Richard,

I’m very much looking forward to the watch.  My dad collected key wind watches throughout his life, so I grew up searching for watches in antique shops, swap meets, and shows.  I’ve inherited his collection but really don’t have the opportunity to enjoy it outside of the occasional review of them.

Your idea of modernizing pocket watches to wearable is brilliant.  The engineering and workmanship of the pocket watches encompasses mechanical ingenuity and artistry.  The opportunity to wear a piece of history is special — thank you!

(Watch  received)

Hi Richard — the watch meets and exceeds my expectation!  I was drawn to the watch because it uniquely blends modern thinking with history and tradition.  I love the Elgin classical movement and watch face — its transformation to a daily wearable watch is truly inspired!  I’m very much enjoying wearing it — thank you for your inspiration and for developing this watch.


From Tom C. from Illinois. Wrocket Watch with original Elgin hunter case movement with enamel dial

Hi Richard,

I just received the watch and it is absolutely awesome!!!! It is much, much better than my expectation!! And you were right, it isn’t all that big and the band is very comfortable as well, slightly big but I’m wearing it on the second to the last hole. The dial and the movement are more beautiful than I thought and it’s hard to believe that this was once a pocket watch! I’m just really thrilled with the simplicity and the history of the watch. You definitely put a smile on my face today and for many years to come when I wear it. Thanks for producing such a great value for those of us who can’t afford to drop 5 or 6 figures on a watch!

Richard, thank you for everything!!!!!

Best to you and your family,

Follow up from Dave G: Wrocket watch in titanium with black dial and round deco hands.

Hi Richard,

Just a small observation so far with regard to accuracy. The watch was set by the atomic clock 48 hours ago and has been on the wrist for approx 32 hours and crown up on my nightstand for approx 16 hours.

I would have considered anything up to a minute loss or gain to be acceptable bearing in mind the movements age and technology.

Although I appreciate that 48 hours is not enough to give a true assessment of accuracy it is a pretty good indicator.

At the moment the watch is running at +1sec/24 hrs. I am stunned!! Especially considering it seems to be gaining that on the nightstand and runs pretty much at 0 on the wrist.

Are you sure it’s not a quartz movement hiding under a pocket watch movement?

Seriously, whoever serviced and regulated the watch needs a pay rise.

Kind regards, Dave.

From Guy H. from Las vegas, NV: Wrocket watch in steel with white dial and round deco hands.

Richard – Thanks for your note. The watch is terrific. I wore it over to a dinner party this weekend that included several people who have the watch addiction. All complimented me (and they would not if they thought otherwise) on my purchase. The hands are so unique and the back is terrific. The band is first class.

Thanks again,
Guy (your first internet customer)

From Simon G. from Alberta, Canada:  Wrocket watch in titanium with original art deco dial and blue round deco hands.

Hi Richard,

Got home late after work and the watch had arrived during the day…….very very cool piece.  Will be wearing it today and for the weekend for sure,several comments already this morning,including people who generally don’t get the watch thing..  The dial and hands are spectacular but almost wish that the lugs were more symmetrical to wear movement side on display!

thanks again, and keep up the great work!

From Jeff A. from Honolulu, Hawaii: Wrocket watch white dial black round deco hands

Thanks Richard. Love the watch!! Was waiting for my wife to notice but she doesn’t focus on such things!!! Will have to disclose my purchase soon.

Looking fwd to seeing your workshop and considering a “one of a kind”…

Really enjoyed meeting you.

From Richard Lo, of Moovweb San Francisco: Wrocket watch in steel with black dial and round deco hands.Hey Richard,

Hope all is well. It’s been just over a month since you shipped me my black Wrocket watch. As you know, I was so grateful to be able to get #4 out of #199 in your first collection. Paige, you’ve really hit a winner with this watch! It has quickly become my favorite watch to wear. The watch feels great on my wrist and has a cool, sophisticated, clean look. Kathleen thinks the watch is “handsome”. I love the fact that the movement inside is from a Waltham 1918 pocket watch. Makes me feel like I’m wearing a part of history and something with soul. What a great concept! The backside with the watch movements visible is super cool.

It has become a conversation piece at work and at social events. I truly look forward to putting it on every morning.

Once news spreads of this watch, I’m sure you’re going to be sold out in no time. Keep me posted on your next line! Great job maestro.

Richard Lo
Chief Revenue Officer, Moovweb

From Liloa W. from Switzerland: Collection of 8 Rpaige special edition Wrocket watches.

Hello, Richard; Christmas was a joy for you and he family, I presume?

I arrived on the 23rd, and had a lovely time with my two girls and their partners at Lake Taupo. The weather has been warm and and the skies filled with fluffy white clouds… heavenly!

I was thinking that we need to make this a 9 watch collection and therefore ask that you keep your eye open for something special that comes your way. There is no rush for this, just something to watch for in the future.

I had a great time playing in your laboratory and am very excited about showing off your masterpieces in Switzerland.

I wish you and your ladies a joy filled New Year… with a dash of prosperity.



From Myra B. from Honolulu, Hawaii: Wrocket watch special one-off dial, hunters case movement

Hi Richard,

Luuuuve my watch! I was recently in Switzerland and the only purchase I was hoping to make was a pocket wristwatch; and actually came close to purchasing one but circumstances thwarted that effort. Was hopeful that things happen for a reason but now I’m sure you’re the silver lining in that lost opportunity and reason to be even more grateful that I have a superior, one-of-a-kind, vintage beautiful, custom piece of art. I have a small wrist and was afraid it would be too big but it feels great and looks awesome. Thank you additionally for the lovely box, extra band…personal delivery! …and mostly for your expertise, patience and care. Mahalo, Myra

Myra Brandt, Principal Broker/Owner
Kahala Associates
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

From Peter C, from New York City. Rpaige Wrocket watch Black Dial, round deco hands

The watch looks and fits great. Im EXTREMELY happy with it.

Thanks for your help.

From Brian A, from South Carolina: Rpaige Wrocket Titanium watch, Black Dial, round deco hands, #44/99 (#44 was Hank Aaron’s number)

Hey Richard – I just got home from an unusually long day, and my Wrocket was there waiting for me…very good end to my day. I just got it set, wound and I put it on my wrist. It’s absolutely beautiful looking. It really is better looking than I expected – your choice of a very simple and sleak case was excellent and adding the art deco detail on the crown and the strap connection points is a cool touch.

I think you’ve done a great job of combining old and new: both styles (pocket watch to wrist watch) and Americana (original American Waltham vintage manufacturing to and updated American assembly by you).

What a great addition to my small, but growing collection.

So far so good to say the least. If I have any questions, I’ll reach out to you. Or if I want to expand further 🙂

Thanks for your great work,

From Dave G, from Windsor, CO: Wrocket Watch in Titanium with black dial and deco round hands.

Hi Richard,

The Wrocket arrived today.
I have to say it is absolutely fabulous, much better than I was expecting, the movement is very nicely decorated and I am very impressed with the quality. Having had three high end watches go back for large pieces of lint and dust on the dial, I am hugely impressed with the 100% build.

Many, many thanks.